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Natural Foaming Handsoap

8.8 oz pump $12.75 * 17.2 oz refill concentrate $24.00 * gallon premix $86.00 * replacement foamer pump (just the top) $2.50

lavender dream * lemongrass myrtle * fresh citrus * vanilla orange + ginger * sacred white sage + geranium * earth essence * rosemary + sweet orange mint

Our all natural foaming hand soap is made with pure organic olive, coconut, sunflower and jojoba oils, soothing organic aloe vera juice, moisturizing castor oil and pure essential oils. This special bottle has an air pump in the lid which produces a light, white foamy lather that is fun to use and cleans amazingly well without drying your hands AND without waste. This handsoap is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and is a sure way to get children (and everyone else) to WANT to wash! The bottle is easily refillable with a combination of our refill concentrate and water.

Use this soap:

  • as handsoap in your kitchen and bathrooms
  • to encourage young children (and everyone else) to WANT to wash
  • to clean without drying
  • to impart a fresh clean scent from pure essential oils

For best results:

  • Turn the nozzle to the "on" position and press a few times to prime the pump. This soap works best at a sink instead of in the shower or bath where water could inadvertently interfere with the air pump. If water does get into pump, allow to air dry before continuing use. When refilling your foamer pump, fill to one inch below the bottle neck with half water, half concentrate to leave room for the pump and keep the soap out of the air chamber. You may increase the ratio of water to soap concentrate to your liking, but do not decrease it, as the higher concentration of soap may clog the filter.

Made with:

  • Saponified oils of organic extra virgin olive oil, organic expeller-pressed coconut oil, organic sunflower +/or apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil, organic aloe vera juice, distilled water, citric acid (to adjust pH), sulfated castor oil (for added emollience), essential oils (a blend of essential oils & phthalate free fragrance oil in the Vanilla Orange + Ginger and Nag Champa types) and the highest intentions for your health + well being.


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