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All the product choices can be a bit overwhelming. We're here to help you make sense of why certain products are recommended and in what order they are applied for your best skin ever!

The Three Steps of Healthy Skin Care

1. Cleanse and Exfoliate The best time to clean your face is in the evening. Doing so in the morning is only necessary if your skin is excessively oil-rich. A simple rinse with water or tea is usually all that is needed before you continue to Step 2. (Some people report good results from rotating between two types of cleansers: one foaming wash and one cream cleanser or one regular foaming wash and one with salicylic acid, for example.) In your evening routine, alternate your cleanser with a physical exfoliator one to three times a week depending on your specific skin needs. If you are using a chemical exfoliator, do not use a mechanical one on the same day. When we pass early childhood, the rate at which our skin naturally exfoliates or sheds dead cells slows and continues to do so as we age. What used to take a few days now takes a few weeks. A physical or chemical exfoliant supplements your skin's natural exfoliation process by gently loosening and sloughing away the outer layer of dead skin cells, revealing the newer, plumper, smoother cells underneath. This rejuvenates the skin by improving circulation and stimulating new cell growth, resulting in a fresher, brighter complexion and reduced pore size. It is amazing what a difference regular exfoliation makes in the health and look of our skin! In place of, or in conjunction with, your evening cleanser, use an exfoliating product that you like. You'll love how your skin feels and looks ~ AND your toners, serums and moisturizers will be able to work better, too!

Cream & Oil Based Cleansers are non-foaming cleansing options made with either a herbal infusion and emulsified oils, a blend of pure oils with an vegetable based emulsifier or a special blend of deep cleansing oils to gently clean your skin. They are nourishing, non-drying, safe around eyes and allow you to massage your skin to improve circulation and leave your skin dewy fresh. Our Calendula + Chamomile Cleansing Cream is suitable for all skin types, especially wonderful for dry or sensitive skin, our Olive Cleansing Oil has a silky feel and employs a vegetable emulsifier so the oil rinses cleanly away while our OCM Oil Cleansing Method & Make Up Remover is made with only a special blend of pure oils to deep clean your follicles of excess sebum and debris and also remove makeup, even stubborn eye liner. Although it seems counter-intuitive, the OCM is a wonderful biweekly treatment for sensitive, acneic and congested skin.

Foaming Cleansers are the most common form of skin cleanser to clean your skin of daily dirt and excess sebum. We use a new generation of surfactants that clean effectively without drying or stripping your skin of its protective mantle. Our mild Gentle Aloe Foaming Wash has been a favorite for years and can be used by all. Two of our clarifying cleansers use Salicylic Acid (beta hydroxy) to deep clean the follicles of debris to reduce congestion and promote an even skin tone. These are Clear as Day Face & Body Wash and Clear as Day Mild Scrub with smooth jojoba wax beads to gently exfoliate the surface of your skin. Although it is generally recommended that soap not be used on the face, we have created an Olive Castor Facial Soap that incorporates emollient plant oils for a real soap cleanser that does not dry your skin.

Exfoliators Choose your exfoliator by how sensitive or dry your skin and if you have any skin conditions such as acne that needs a gentler type. We offer our Ultimate Facial Polish featuring a very fine food-grade diatomaceous earth and balancing rice bran to give your skin a wonderfully smooth finish. This polish can be used by all, even those with sensitive skin. Iis mixed fresh with each application and can customized to your skin's needs by adding your tea, toner or cleanser. Our Clear as Day Wash & Mild Scrub is designed for those with some skin congestion and in need of very gentle daily exfoliation along with the clarifying benefits of salicylic acid. Our Hydroxy Resurfacing Lotion is a chemical exfoliant that contains glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids to remove dead skin cells rather than a physical one. This lotion is applied after cleansing and toning and before your moisturizer. Those with oil-rich skin may not need additional moisturizer.

2. Tone & Mask Toning Mists serve an important function in your skin care practice and are sprayed directly onto your freshly cleansed face or applied with cotton wool. Healthy skin depends on a naturally low surface pH of around 5.5, known as the acid mantle. Our alcohol-free, hydrating mists help to restore your skin's natural acid mantle and complete the cleansing process after rinsing with tap water with a varying pH. A light mist of our plant-based toner before applying your serm or moisturizer allows them to penetrate more deeply and therefore work better. Facial masking is one of the most undervalued practices in skin care AND a most effective way to revitalize your complexion! Using a facial mask on a regular basis ~ 2-3 times a week to start and once every 1-2 weeks thereafter after cleansing and exfoliating~ can show dramatic results! The drawing action of the muds and clays improves circulation and remove impuriities while the minerals, vitamins and actives go to work to firm, tone and provide thermal exfoliation. Your skin will look firmer, brighter, smoother and more radiant!

Toning Mists In addition to the action of toners explained above, our toning mists offer specific actives for a desired effect. The Fruit Enzyme Brightening Mist is made with organic fruit extracts and natural acids to offer a gentle chemical exfoliation to brighten your complexion. Our DMAE & MSM Firming Mist promotes the temporary firming effect of DMAE along with the cumulative benefits of MSM. For those of you who want a wonderfully fragrant toner that doubles as an aromatheraputic linen, room, body and hair spray, try our Rosewater Hydrating Mist or Neroli Balancing Mist.

Masks We offer four different masks. Our Custom Kaolin Mask is made from herbs and clays designed to draw impurities from your skin, improve circulation and tone. For each application, you mix one to two teaspoons of mask powder with water, cream, coconut milk, tea, fruit or vegetable juice to make a paste. Mixing the powder at each application keeps the mask fresh and allows you to customize it for your skin's changing needs; it's also fun! Our Coconut Milk & Honey Moisturizing Mask is pure ambrosia for your skin! This is a non-drying mask that deeply moisturizes with the wonderful actives of herbally infused honey and coconut cream. Our Level One Mineral Mud Mask is our newest treatment containing balneo peat, sapropel mud and the miraculous dead sea mud to revitalize your complexion. You will notice the wonderful effect of the thermal exfoliation on facial firmness, tone, pore size and overall radiance after the very first application. The Level Two Advanced Mineral Mud Mask is a more potent version of the Level One and as it can be a very intense treatment, it should be used only after completing Level One or those who have experience with the initially powerful sensations of dead sea mud. This mask is not suitable for those with sensitive skin.

3. Moisturizers and Treaments After cleansing and misting you face with toner, it's time to apply a serum and/or moisturizer. Serums are highly penetrating emulsions that deliver specific actives (ingredients that provide desired results) to your skin. They are allowed to remain for a minute or two before applying your moisturizer. A moisturizer, in the form of a lotion, cream or spray, conditions, softens and protects your skin from water loss. Dependng on the type of moisturizer, it may also deliver antioxidants, herbal attributes and actives. All skin can benefit from these, even if it is oil-rich.

Serums Our Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum contains high levels of water and oil soluble vitamin C ester offering antioxidant protection to multiple skin layers. DMAE & MSM Firming Serum provides skin firming results within the fist 20 minutes after application and skin benefits over time. To help support congested skin, try our Clear as Day Clarifying Serum with salicylic acid, vitamin B3 niacinamide, vitamin B5 panthenol and manuka. Our Renew Facial Oil Elixir and Clear as Day Balancing Oil are combination serum moisturizers with highly effective penetrating essential oils for skin renewal and skin clarification, respectively, and easily absorbed emollient oils appropriate for skin type for moisturization.

Moisturizers We have quite a few moisturizers from which to choose. Some are beneficial for all skin while others target specific issues. Our Rose Jojoba Cream and Calendula + Chamomile Jojoba Cream share the same wonderful formulation with the difference being the flowers that are used. This simple yet elegant cream has been a favorite for years for its long lasting moisture and satiny finish. Our Emollience Peptide Age-Well Cream contains the newest natural peptides shown to greatly improve the firmness and tone of your skin by supporting your body's cell communication to increase the level of collagen and elastin. Our easily absorbed and very light Neroli Face Cream contains the lovely neroli hydrosol and neroli essential oil, offering a sense of peaceful well being and soft conditioning. This cream is wonderful for many skin types, from oil-rich and congested to mature, fragile skin. For ultra-light conditioning in a convenient spray, try our Weightless Moisturizing Mist. This moisturizer feel "barely there," yet effectively hydrates and conditions your skin with antioxidants and humectants. It can be applied anytime you need some conditioning skin protection and can even be applied over your mineral make-up.


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